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god i like..can't eat.
2 seconds after i eat ANYTHING i get terrible stomache aches.
i hate when this happensssss. there's always like, these periods of time that i can never stop eating, and then periods of time when i don't eat at all. i hate them both.

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i hate when people say things to me about jeff. like, my sister for example. "HEY JULIEN, I SAW SOME KID THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE JEFF TODAY!"
...uhhhhh ok.

hahahhaha anyway. life is good. there's just one thing that i really hate though. and that is.....WALMART. i just realized today how skanky people from lock haven are. i mean, i saw at LEAST 15 morbidly overweight people, at least 3 teenage-early 20 woman with dirty hair and infants, and just everyone looks so uneducated. you see obese adults buying fried chicken, and you look on the shelves and there's this fake disgusting looking food like slices of cheesecake in plastic containers, and 20 different kinds of pudding that is SO bad for you i can't even stand to look at it because it makes me sick. the "100-calorie" stuff that will still make you fat, it's just that not AS fat as it would if you ate other kinds. so people eat it and think they're helping themselves. but, in fact, they are not. why not just eat yogurt? or better yet, EAT A PIECE OF FRUIT! some people around here are just sooooooooo cluess at how to live life healthily.

i had to get that out. but seriously, does anyone agree?! lock haven is filled with some sad human beings. (and i'm not saying that ALL people from lock haven are like that- just a lot of them. and they all shop in wal-mart.)

on a happier note, no one in my school has been killed by a crazy man with mental issues. that's something to be happy about. and also, i got 100 on my biology test.

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i just stubbed my toe on this STUPID stool in front of my computer desk, and i almost fell over because i like..tripped over it, and then right as that happened the phone rang and i thought, YES FINALLY, HE'S CALLING! and i answered it, and it wasn't him. so my toe is in pain, and i didn't even get to talk to him.